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Best Way to Build Landing Pages

There isn’t any squeeze page software you need. Some people will create their squeeze pages using HTML, but that is not necessary. Many blog templates today will have plugins that allow you to quickly and easily create a squeeze page with no special knowledge or skills. 

Squeeze Page Software

If you love to build your pages and do your HTML, I’m sure you can find, or already have access to, squeeze page software. If that sounds good to you, then, by all means, go for it and have fun!

But if you are like me and what I just described sounds more like a nightmare than a dream come true, don’t worry, there are other ways. 

For one thing, there are many places online where you can get free templates. Sometimes you will need a WYSISYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor, but you can download a free version. 

Most of the free templates available online will allow you to modify them quickly and easily. 

You may be thinking that all this sounds just great, but what do you need to include in a well-designed squeeze page?

First of all, let’s not forget the main focus of your squeeze page: get people to sign up for your email list or newsletter. To do that, you will want to create or have someone do it for you, some freebie you can give to them as a sort of ethical bribe to sign up to your list. 

Most people will construct some free ebook or free report. Whatever it is, just make sure that you take some time and put together something of quality. If you slap a crappy report together, you will not get people to sign up for your list no matter how great your squeeze page looks. 

Here are the basic elements that make up a well designed and effective squeeze page:

  • 1. A great headline. Make it something that induces fear, curiosity, or asks a question. Keep it focused on the subject of your freebie. 
  • 2. Bullet points further to outline what wonderful morsels of information they will get when receiving the free report. Pique their curiosity but don’t give too much information away (if you do, they won’t need to sign up).
  • 3. An option box prominently displayed. This can easily be generated within your autoresponder and easily added to your squeeze page. Make sure you include a strong anti-spam disclaimer.
  • 4. This last one is optional, but if done right, it can be very effective. Include a short video highlighting all the benefits to your reader of the freebie. Make sure you keep it short and to the point. You can also do double duty with the video by uploading it to YouTube or other video hosting sites. 

You don’t need any fancy squeeze page software; in most cases, you can do everything you need to do with free software and, in some cases, no software at all.

Squeeze Page Template

Setting up a good squeeze page is an important aspect of making your online business successful. So finding a proper squeeze page template for it is also important. However, the template itself is not the important part, but what you can put on it is.

If you do not know what a squeeze page is, it is simply a page of your website whose sole purpose is to drive people into joining your email list. That is its only function.

There should be nothing else to do on that page. No ads, no links, nothing. All they can do is sign up to your email list or leave. Your squeeze page should only have information on your product and the freebie offer they get if they sign up to your email list.

You may be a little afraid at hearing that, if your page has nothing on it but some information and the ability to sign up to your email list, then your visitors might leave. But 98% of your visitors will leave and never come back anyways. So your goal is to provide as straight a path as possible for them to opt into your email list. Any unnecessary distractions may sway people who would normally have opted in.

You want to have repeated contact with your visitors to build up a trusting relationship. If they trust you, they will be more likely to buy your product. This is what your email list provides.

The goal of your squeeze page template is to do just that. You want to provide them with the easiest route of signing up to your email list. Knowing how to do that is another question altogether. There are some tips you can follow to get the most out of your template.

  • 1. A place for a strong headline. Everything on your squeeze page should be for the sake of getting your visitors to join your email list. For that, you need to have an interesting offer to entice them to join.

A typical offer is usually a sort of report about your product. Your title should make them want to get their hands on that information.

  • 2. Bullet points. You want to give your visitors the information they want without unnecessary clutter. Keep the information short. But also lay out what your free offer will entail making further them want it. Please do not give out too much information; otherwise, they will not need to opt-in.
  • 3. A place for a video. Having someplace on the template to put a video, should you choose to add one, is important as well. Videos are great methods for enticing people to join your list.
  • 4. An opt-in form. You want to make sure your squeeze page template allows you to tie in an opt-in form to your autoresponder so that when your visitors decide to join your email list, they can do so effortlessly and start receiving emails on your product.

Get Your Website Off The Ground Squeeze Page Tutorials

Getting your website off the ground is only the first step in setting up a successful online business. After that, you need to make sales. However, getting people to buy your product can be a bit of a challenge, which is where squeeze pages come into play.

There are a lot of squeeze page tutorials out there that can help you set one up. But the basic information is the same no matter where you go.

A squeeze page, also known as a capture page, is a page of your website with the sole purpose of enticing people into joining your email list. That is the only function of this page, nothing else.

It should not have any ads or links. It should have the ability to opt into your email list and information on your production and freebie offer. Your visitors should only have two options, join or leave.

This may seem a little off, but the truth of the matter is that 98% of your visitors will never return anyways. So it would be best if you worked to maximize your efforts and entice those few who will stay into joining your email list.

There are some squeeze page tutorials out there that can help you with all of this, but there are still a few basic tips to help you get started.

  • 1. Have a strong headline. Your headline is the first thing your visitors will see, and it should keep them interested in your page. You can use three types of headlines either ask a question, incite fear, or pique your visitor’s interest. It should also hint towards a gift that awaits them should they sign up.
  • 2. Do not place ads. As mentioned above, the sole purpose of your squeeze page is to get your visitors to join your email list. As such, you do not want to distract them from this process. Having ads or other links will only allow them to stray from your desired path, which you do not want.
  • 3. Bullet points. You want to make sure your squeeze page has the necessary information and make sure that the information is short and to the point. Your bullet points should give information about your product and the gift they get when they sign up to your email list.
  • 4. A video. This is entirely optional; however, having a video on your website can be a great boon to your chances of getting visitors to sign up. A video should give further detail on your gift and product, as well it should have your bullet points to put further emphasis on them.

While there may be many squeeze page tutorials out there that can give you more in-depth information, these tips can help you lay the foundation for your squeeze page. With these basic tips, you should be able to get your foot in the door and set up your squeeze page properly so that you can start getting people to sign up for your email list.

Best Way to Build Landing Pages

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Best Way to Build Landing Pages

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