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Email marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of Internet advertising. This is because there are many distinct advantages to the concept of email marketing. However, email marketing does have some disadvantages as well. This article will examine the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing and provide some insight into how to plan and execute an effective email marketing campaign.

Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing certainly has a set of unique advantages over other types of marketing, both online and offline. Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of email marketing is the ability to reach a worldwide audience with minimal effort. It is certainly possible to reach a worldwide audience with other types of advertising, but traditional types of advertising such as television, radio, and print media are not nearly as effective for reaching potential customers worldwide all at once. 

Another major advantage to email marketing is that it is extremely affordable. This is significant because many other types of marketing, including Internet marketing, are significantly more expensive than email marketing. The costs associated with email marketing are minimal. 

Ideally, you will already have a list of email recipients interested in your products and services, so there is no cost to obtain a list of email addresses. Additionally, the cost to send out emails is minimal and can be considered part of your regular operating costs. All of these factors already make email marketing extremely cost-effective. 

However, there is some cost involved in email marketing. These are primarily the costs associated with writing the advertisements and creating any graphics that will accompany the email advertisements. This will require hiring a writer to write the copy for the advertisement and a designer to create and implements the graphics. 

The cost of these services will vary pretty widely, but in general, you will pay more for writers and designers with more experience. This is because these writers and designers are expected to produce a higher quality of work than those with less experience could produce. 

The most obvious disadvantage to email marketing is the possibility of having your email marketing viewed as spam. This is a very important problem because it could prove to be quite costly in terms of the profit margin for your business. 

Each day Internet users are bombarded with unsolicited emails serving as advertisements. This problem has reached epic proportions. The abundance of spam infiltrating the email boxes of innocent Internet users has to be cautious and suspicious about any unsolicited email that appears to be promoting a particular product or service. 

Emails that contain subject lines or content which appear to be similar to spam may be automatically transferred to a spam email folder by the email system. Emails that are not automatically deleted may be deleted without being opened simply because the recipient does not recognize the email’s sender. 

Both of these problems can result in essentially wasted time for the business owner because the recipients are not even viewing the emails advertising the products and services offered by the business. Additionally, they may result in complaints being lodged against the company for being a purveyor of spam. 

Now that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing, you might wonder how you can maximize the advantages of using email marketing to your advantage. 

The most important factor to consider is your email distribution list. This should consist of former customers who have expressed a desire to receive emails with information and advertisements and potential customers who have also expressed interest in more information. 

The content of the emails should also be carefully considered. They should certainly highlight the products and services you offer but should do so without appearing to be a hard sales pitch. 

A writer with experience in writing this type of copy should provide insightful and accurate copy, which also entices the reader to find out more about your products and services. Finally, your emails should provide the readers with a call to action. This should be a statement urging the reader to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or researching a product. 

Getting Help with Your Email Marketing Campaign

Savvy business owners realize the importance of email marketing even if they do not know how to run an effective email marketing campaign. Stated that this means a business owner may realize he must run an email marketing campaign to help him meet the needs and expectations of his target audience, but he may not know how to orchestrate an email marketing campaign that is truly effective.

Fortunately for these business owners, they do not have to know a great deal about email marketing because there are plenty of Internet marketing consultants who can assist them in planning and running an effective email marketing campaign. This article will provide some tips for finding a consultant to assist you in orchestrating an email marketing campaign.

One of the most important criteria in seeking a consultant to assist you with your email marketing campaign is experience. Specifically, it is an experience that has resulted in past success. This is important because one of the best indicators of how well a consultant will perform for you is how well they performed in the past. This means if a consultant could help a variety of past clients attain their goals through email marketing, the consultant would likely be able to assist you in the same way.

Another important criterion when hiring a consultant to assist you with your email marketing campaign is the opinions of past clients. Before committing to work with a particular consultant, you should request references from past clients. You should request these references, contact each of the past clients provided, and question their experiences with the consultant.

It is important to remember that the consultant will likely only provide a reference he is confident will offer a positive opinion of his services. However, you can still learn a great deal about the consultant’s style, personality, and techniques through these references. This is important because the consultant’s personality and his skill and abilities are also very important.

If you do not get along with the consultant and have difficulty talking to him, working with him can be difficult. Additionally, it might be hard for you to meet your business-related goals because you are likely not providing the consultant with enough information or offering feedback that could help him adjust his strategies to meet your expectations better.

At the same time, skill, knowledge, and ability are important; sometimes, none of these matter if personality conflicts prevent you and the consultant from communicating adequately. Therefore your personal opinion of the consultant should always be carefully considered before making hiring a consultant.

Although consulting references is a good idea, you should also consider contacting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and seeking out independent reviews of the consultant you are considering hiring to assist you in your email marketing campaign. The BBB can provide you with a great deal of information regarding the past performance of the consultant.

If the consultant has been in business for several years and does not have any unresolved complaints with the BBB, this is a good indication that the consultant performs adequately and treats clients fairly. Conversely, a consultant with several unresolved complaints against him is not likely to be a good choice.

Similarly, a consultant who has several independent reviews raving about the quality of his service is likely a good choice to assist you in your email marketing campaign, while a consultant who has several poor reviews on the Internet is not a good choice for assisting you with your email marketing campaign. Likewise, you can assume that if past clients were not happy with the services he provided, you will likely also not be happy with these services.

Using Advertising in Email Marketing

The subject of whether or not it is acceptable to use advertising in the email market is hotly debated, with some Internet marketers being strongly in favor of placing advertisements in email marketing while others are strongly against the use of advertisements in email marketing. Still, others take a more neutral stance and are not either firmly for or against advertising in email marketing. This article will look at both sides of the argument and allow the reader to formulate his own opinions on whether or not this subject is worthwhile.

Some Internet marketers are strongly in favor of the use of advertisements in emails distributed for marketing purposes. Those who favor the use of advertisements view the sale of advertising space on email marketing materials such as emails or e-newsletters to generate profit from the email marketing itself.

They also believe this tactic puts less pressure on the Internet marketer to meet the expectations of the members of the email distribution list because the emails are already generating a profit even if they do not entice the email recipients to make a purchase.

Those who are firmly against advertising in email marketing feel as though this makes the advertisements seem more like spam and less like marketing materials or useful information.

Those on this side of the fence feel that any advertisement in an email marketing campaign should be subtle advertising for the products and services offered by the distributor of the email and not advertisements for businesses who have paid for an advertising spot on the email. They believe the original emails are acceptable, but additions to them are spam.

Still, others are in between on the debate regarding whether or not advertising in email marketing is acceptable. In most cases, these individuals believe it is acceptable for there to be advertising as long as it does not overshadow the original intent of the email. This middle-of-the-road concept implies the Internet marketers are not firmly for or against the concept of placing advertisements on emails distributed for marketing purposes.

The information in this article is rather vague by intention because it leaves more of an opportunity for the reader to form his own opinion. This is important because the subject is largely a matter of personal preference. Each reader must decide for himself whether or not he agrees with one side or the other or chooses to take a middle-of-the-road stance.

The opinions of readers of this article may be influenced by whether they are considered marketers or consumers. This is significant because it can impact preferences. For example, consumers may be less likely to appreciate advertisements in emails intended for marketing because they feel it distracts from the original products.

However, marketers may be more apt to accept advertising because they can understand the financial gain that is possible. When evaluating opinions about the use of advertising, it is important to note whether or not the individual offering the opinion is involved in advertising. It might be more worthwhile to seek out opinions from consumers only as they are more likely to share the beliefs of your potential customers.

Digital Network E MKT 4.0

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Digital Network E MKT 4.0

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