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How to Organize Your Marketing Content

Our computers hold many digital resources that we use both at work and in our personal lives. From family photos to financial records, the data we store on our hard drives can be very important. But, if your computer’s files are cluttered and disorganized, it is difficult to find the file you need when you need it. 

Organizing Your Resources on Your Computer

Here are some hints for tidying up the resources you keep on your computer.

Invest in an External Hard Drive

It is highly recommended that you back up your important content if your computer takes a turn for the worst. An external hard drive is an excellent way to store large amounts of content without bogging down your computer. External hard drives are especially useful for storing collections of photos, music, or even videos. This will free up a significant amount of room on your personal computer and ensure your content will be safe no matter what.

Trash Old, Unnecessary Files 

After you’ve used your computer for some time, it’s almost impossible to avoid accumulating files you don’t need anymore or that never were useful. Not only can these files take up valuable space on your hard drive, but they can also make it hard to find the file you’re looking for. If you haven’t accessed a file or program in a long time, consider whether or not it is still needed. 

Organize Your Web Bookmarks

An overflowing bookmarks bar can cost more time when you’re looking for content you need to view frequently. Remember that most web browsers allow you to sort your bookmarks like you would other files on your computer, including creating folders. Use these to your advantage to create a bookmark system that is quick and easy to navigate. 

Clean Up Your Filing System

Your computer uses a system of folders and subfolders to keep your files organized. Much like a filing cabinet, these folders need to be carefully organized and maintained to be used efficiently. Try to merge your resources into a few top-level folders with other similar sub-folders within. For example, you may have a folder called “work,” which contains other folders called “expenses” and “income,” and so on. 

Helpful Tools

Some helpful tools you might utilize to make organizing your resources on your computer an easy and stress-free task are,, and These useful cloud-based applications allow you to create and store documents online and access them from any device. This way, there are fewer resources that are actually on your computer and in need of organization.

There is no perfect system or technique for organizing the many resources on your computer. What makes perfect sense to one user may seem taboo to another. The trick is to find the system that works best for you. And, once you’ve found something that works, it’s vital that you keep it up.

How Being Organized Saves You Time and Money

We all want to organize our schedules and commit to maintaining them on a day-to-day basis, but how? Creating a workable schedule is typically time-consuming and often results in a frustrating battle with your calendar. 

The organization is beneficial for everyone and can be easily adapted to suit individual needs. And believe it or not, being organized in your everyday life saves you time and money. Here are a few of the reasons.

Efficient and Stress-Free

If you keep your belongings organized, you don’t need to look for them when needed. This is especially handy in important yet rarely used items, such as insurance or tax information. 

The key to keeping things organized is to come up with a place to keep something and stick to it. If you want to keep important mail in a desk drawer, make sure you keep all of your important mail in that drawer. Don’t be afraid of sorting your things too much. The more categories of things you come up with, the easier it will be to find exactly what you need when you need it.

Saves You from Buying New

The organization keeps you from buying items you already have but you’ve forgotten about or lost in your household or workplace. You’re more likely to forget about a pack of rubber bands you bought several months ago and never opened than your car keys or your wallet. Combined, these types of purchases can end up costing you a significant amount of money for items that you already have. 

Fortunately, this is a very fixable problem. By cleaning and organizing the designated “junk” drawers in your home or office and making a list of all the items, you will easily find the item you’re looking for the next time you go searching. This avoids unnecessary purchases and impulsive buys at the store in the future. It’s a very flexible habit that can apply to many aspects of your daily routine.

Helps You Remember Important Details

It’s hard to keep track of every detail when you have a lot going on in your life. Sometimes, bills can get lost in the shuffle and go unpaid, or household maintenance gets overlooked. By keeping all of your activities organized, you can get them done more efficiently, and you make sure that every detail is taken care of. 

Saves Money on Shopping

If you plan out a menu for each month, you can buy many of your groceries in bulk, saving you time and frequent trips to the store. If you prepare a list ahead of time, you can also look for coupons that offer savings on your plan to buy. 

The same applies to non-food items, which can be bought in bulk and stored for later use. Staying organized and keeping essentials stocked up saves you the stress of running out to make a special trip for more. You can also plan out birthday or holiday gifts well ahead of time so that you can keep an eye out for a good deal.

While it may take a bit of effort, organizing your life allows you to use your time more efficiently and take full advantage of your finances. Not only that, but the more thought-out your budget or schedule is, the less you will worry about them. Many tools help keep you organized, including all kinds of helpful apps for mobile devices. 

Mobile Apps to Help You Get Organized

Are your organizational skills lacking? Are you looking for an easy way to rectify the situation? If you answered “yes” to one or both questions, it’s time to consider one of the many mobile apps that help you get and stay organized. If money is an issue, there are many free apps to choose from.

Read further to learn more about a few of your choices.


EasilyDo is the app that is said to “tell you what you need to do, before you even know you need to do it.” This app can do everything, from reminding you to buy flowers for your anniversary to making dinner reservations and much more.

One of the coolest things about this app is the ability to multi-task. Instead of keeping track of several applications, EasilyDo keeps all of your crucial information in one place.

Other features include the ability to check traffic, track packages, issue a reminder about appointments and deadlines… to name a few. EasilyDo seamlessly connects to many online services. It is free to use.

Link –


If you’re the type of person who likes to take notes to stay more organized, then Evernote is for you. Besides writing notes which won’t get lost in the shuffle, you can also record notes and email notes to several devices simultaneously. Better yet, you can organize all of your notes by placing them in “notebooks” or attaching tags to whichever ones you choose.

Link – 

Mint Personal Finance

The personal finance app does an excellent job of keeping your finances organized at the touch of a button. You can easily create a budget, keep track of your spending habits, etc. 

All of your personal information is protected by a four-digit PIN, so there’s no need to worry about security breaches. It’s extremely straightforward to add bank accounts, credit card accounts, loans, and more. If you lose your phone, it’s very simple to deactivate mobile access.

Link –


If you’re a “to-do” list junkie, Weave is the app for you. This free app features things like sharing projects or lists with a spouse, colleague, or roommate. It’s easy to add additional notes to any list and keep a record of the time each individual spends on certain projects.

If you’ve been using a calendar app that you’re not overly fond of, why not try Weave instead? If you’re involved in several projects at once, the app might turn out to be your new best friend. It’s available for both Android and iPhone users.

Link –

If you’ve always dreamed about being more organized, there’s more hope for you than ever before. One of the best things about using an app (especially a free one) is that if it doesn’t work for you, try another until you find the perfect fit. Why not take a few minutes to check out a few of these apps today? Your organizational skills will thank you for it.

Creating an Efficient Filing System

Keeping physical copies of paperwork organized can be overwhelming. Heaps of files can build up in no time, especially if your business operates using physical copies. But, if you can keep your filing system structured, all of this paperwork can be dealt with using little time and effort. Here are some tips for making your filing system organized and efficient.

Keep Things Simple

Having a cluttered or confusing filing system will only discourage you from using it regularly. Keep things simple and easy to understand so it doesn’t end up a failed project. Assess what important documents you want to keep and discard any junk mail or useless documentation that you have no use for. Not only will it be easier for you to find what you’re searching for, but you will also have more room to save your important files.

Label Your Files

Creating a file system that works for you is to label your files to understand them easily. There are specially designed folders that have tabs to write a brief description of the folder’s contents. For example, if you save receipts, you might have a folder titled “Receipts.” Include sub-folders inside your “Receipts” folder and title the sub-folders based on the year it was received or the store that it came from. It’s important to have a filing system that appeals to you, so it encourages a habit of using it.  

Invest in a Filing Cabinet

It would be best if you had a place where you can keep your files safe and organized. A filing cabinet stores a lot of paperwork in a way that allows it to be accessed efficiently. Every folder is kept upright in the cabinet, so you can go through them and pull documents out of them without removing them from the filing system. 

This stops you from disturbing your entire filing system if you have to go hunting for a missing document. Filing cabinets also are sturdy and secure, so they’ll keep your important paperwork safe from damage. Some even have locking drawers if privacy is an issue.

Create a Directory

Creating a rough list of the contents of a filing cabinet drawer or group of folders makes it much easier for you to find what you need. This list can either be handwritten or created on a computer and printed out. 

Be Persistent

No matter what kind of filing system you put into place, it won’t do any good if things don’t stay organized. As you add new documents to your filing system, make sure they end up in their proper place. Avoid allowing loose papers to pile up and resist the temptation to stuff something where it will fit. Yes, it takes a bit of discipline, but you can keep your filing system clean and efficient with a bit of practice.

With the right tools and planning, you can complete the daunting task of sorting out your paperwork in a snap. Using clearly labeled and documented folders to separate your documents makes it very easy to find a place for everything. Your filing cabinet will be streamlined and efficient in no time.

How to Organize Your Marketing Content

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How to Organize Your Marketing Content

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