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Landing Pages Examples

Getting your foot in the door when dealing with online marketing can be a bit of a challenge. With so much information out there and so many things you have to do, it can be a bit overwhelming, whether it simply knows how to set something up or know what all those weird terms mean.

Squeeze Pages What Are They

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, so knowing what those terms mean is very important if you wish to succeed. While I will not tell you what every single term means, I will give you information on squeeze pages and what exactly they are supposed to do.

A squeeze page, also known as a capture page, is a page set up on your website or blog with the sole purpose of enticing people to join (also known as opting in) your email list. The goal of your squeeze page is to channel your visitors where you want them to go and do what you want them to do, which is to sign up for your email list.

To get the most out of your squeeze page, there are several things you should try to do when setting it up. There are also several things you should be careful not to ever include on your squeeze page.

Some of the things you want to include on your squeeze page are:

  • 1. Have a strong headline. Having a strong headline helps entice your visitor into opting in to your email list. It should do one of three things, pique their curiosity, instill fear, or ask a question. When making your headline for your squeeze pages, you want to ask yourself how your visitor will benefit from your freebie offer.
  • 2. Bullet points. You want to keep your information short but also informative. You want to let them know what your freebie offer entails so that they will be interested. However, you also want to make sure not to give them too much information; otherwise, they will not need to sign up
  • 3. Video: It is optional, but having a video on your squeeze page will explain why your offer is advantageous to your visitors. If you choose to have a video, it is also helpful to add your bullet points to it to hit that information further.

There are also some things you do not want to do with your squeeze page as well, these things are:

  • 1. Do not put ads. The entire point of your squeeze pages is to drive your visitors to a single goal, signing up to your email list. You do not want to place any ads or distractions that might prevent them from opting into your email list.
  • 2. Do not put sales pitches. While you are trying to get them to join your email list, you want to show them what they get from the deal. You do this by providing them the information they want; you show them that you know what you are talking about and can help them with what they need. Keep your information concise and to the point.

Squeeze Page Is The Same As A Capture Page

Most industries have a lot of jargon that can sound very odd and confusing to anyone who is just getting started. Online marketing is that way. There are a lot of terms that are weird-sounding and unfamiliar. One of the most weird-sounding terms is: squeeze page. 

To truly be successful in any industry, including internet marketing, you must have basic knowledge of the terms. In this article, I’m not going to teach you what all the terms mean, but I will teach you what a squeeze page is used for. 

A squeeze page is also sometimes called a capture page. This page on your website or blog is set up specifically to get people to sign up for or opt-in to your email list. 

The whole point is to use your squeeze page, kind of like a funnel. You want to draw them in with an enticing title; then you want to guide them, so they take action you want them to take; sign up for your list. 

To make this work, there are several elements your squeeze page should have and several elements you should never include on a squeeze page:


  • 1. Add a strong headline. Good headlines will usually do one of three things: piques curiosity creates some fear or asks a question. When coming up with your headline, try to think of exactly how your visitor will benefit from the aspects of your freebie offer. 
  • 2. Bullet points. Adding bullet points is another way for you to point out just what your freebie will offer to your visitor. You don’t want to give them all the information, if you do, they won’t need to sign up, but you want to provide them with enough information to make it clear that they will miss out if they don’t sign up. 
  • 3. It is optional, but you can include a video on your squeeze page if you choose. Making a short video that highlights the enormous advantages of your freebie can be very effective. If you have a video, it’s still a good idea to include bullet points to reinforce your message. 


  • 1. Don’t put ads or any navigation on your squeeze page. You don’t want them to do anything but sign up. The last thing you want is some distractions. Remember the funnel I talked about above? Don’t distract them; just keep them moving to what you want them to do, which is to sign up for your list.
  • 2. When they sign up for your list, don’t bombard them with sales pitches. Would you mind continuing to give them top-quality information?

Keep these basics for building an effective squeeze page in mind when you start putting yours together. Remember, the optimal outcome is that your website visitor will sign up for your list, and you can allow them to get to know you and trust you and, hopefully, buy from you at some point.

Squeeze Page Templates

Finding good squeeze page templates is as easy as going to your favorite search engine and doing a search. The actual template you use isn’t as important as the elements on your squeeze page. 

For any of you who aren’t completely familiar with a squeeze page, it is simply a page used to entice website visitors to sign up to your email list. 

This page has that purpose only. There is nothing else to do on this page. Someone will sign up, or they will leave. There are no ads; there are no links; there is nothing else on that page but the information about the freebie you are offering as an incentive to sign up to your list. 

I know that some people can get a little freaked about by what I just laid out. They may be fearful that their visitors will get mad and will leave their site. And the truth is that can happen. But there is another truth you must be aware of: upwards of 98% of your website visitors will never come back anyway. 

Since you have worked so hard to get that traffic to your site and since most of them will never make a purchase from you or come back to your site, what do you have to lose by trying to get them to sign up to your email list? 

If they sign up, you can have more opportunities to contact them and hopefully build rapport and trust and eventually turn them into paying customers.

When on the hunt for good squeeze page templates, here are some of the basic components a good squeeze page should have:

  • 1. A place for a compelling headline. Everything on your squeeze page should be geared toward getting your visitors to sign up to your list. To that end, you want to have a compelling free offer for them. 

In most cases, that free offer will be some report. When you create your title, you want to make them eager to get their hands on that report. 

  • 2. Bullet points for your free report. Again, you want to highlight some of the specific things you will teach them in your report. Don’t tell them exactly what the secrets are; just let them know there are secrets and that they will miss out if they don’t sign up. 
  • 3. A video. This is optional. More online marketers are using video, but you don’t have to. 
  • 4. An opt-in form tied to your autoresponder service. Don’t worry; this is all automated when you get your autoresponder set up. 
  • 5. And of course, though this isn’t part of the squeeze page itself, you need to create a compelling free offer of some sort. Make sure you keep it closely related to some issue people in your niche commonly struggle with.  

Keep these tips in mind when you start looking for squeeze page templates. Most of these templates will make it easy for you to customize your squeeze page to suit your own unique needs.

Landing Pages Examples

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Landing Pages Examples

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