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The three-foot rule states that marketers are supposed to consider anyone within 3 feet of them (literally) to be potential clients. It was brought about to force people to look for clients and recruit more marketers into the business. 

The 3 Feet Rule of Network Marketing Businesses

However, this rule has brought about a lot of controversy among many business elites. Some claim that the rule is not realistic, while others are for it 100%. It all depends on how you take it or use the rule.

I think that it all depends on how well you put the rule into practice. People do not appreciate it when strangers approach and start talking to them persuasively about business opportunities. Some do not take it lightly. 

They think that you have seen them be failures that need a job, and this might even end up in a scuffle. If you are the type that will approach people in the streets or fellow passengers on a bus, you will do it wrong. 

Look for areas that have a lot of business-minded individuals. Take, for example, business seminars; most people attending such are individuals that aspire to be entrepreneurs in the future. This is one group that will not mind hearing bout a particular network. 

If you analyze the time, you will use up talking to everyone you meet; you will be astonished. One thing is for sure; not everyone will accept your proposal. Maybe only 20% will take time to listen to you. 

Mathematically, you will have wasted about 80% of your day talking to people that do not give a heck about what it is you are talking about. If compared to someone who strategically points out to potential clients, then you will have earned approximately half what they have earned on that day. 

The three-foot rule is not bad. It is bad when abused. It is a very strategic method of going about your day-to-day marketing and recruiting spree. Just look for the right people to confront. Do not jump around talking to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that you spot on the streets; this will not take you anywhere. It will waste you. 

Reasons Network Marketing Companies Fail

Network marketing has become a very popular trade among business elites. It is doing well in terms of output, but there are some cases of low output in the sector. This is only in some of the network marketing companies.

The main reason for this is poor marketing skills by the marketers. Inexperience can be attributed to this, though other factors have led to this poor performance by some marketers in the industry. Here are the basic ones.

Marketers do not network as much as they are expected to. Human beings are complex beings compared to animals. We were created this way so that we could deal with a variety of things at a time. The same applies to network marketing. There are network marketers who rely on others to find connections. This is correct, but overdoing this is quite wrong.

A good network marketer should try his best to start a business connection, which few marketers do. Because of this, they do not produce to their level best hence the low output.

Second, a lack of fully comprehending marketing is a major problem. This is because ‘marketing’ is the keyword that describes network marketing as a trade. In short, marketing skills are a vital factor in network marketing.

Sometimes, network marketers take the whole trade to be like a hobby. Therefore, lack of seriousness finds its way into the entire business. As you all know, no business can thrive without serious staff members. Lack of seriousness comes package since it also results in a company without a vision.

Visions and goals are vital in a business, since they set the staff’s pace. They are also a good way of assessing the progress of the business. In network marketing, this results in low output by the marketers.

Inexperience is the most common reason for failure in the network marketing industry, especially with the rookies who expect the business to pick within a fortnight. If they understood the entire marketing process, they would not give up within weeks of the business.

This is the main reason that pulls back the development of the network marketing industry. Another reason for failure associated with inexperience is the lack of some vital skills, such as people and communication skills. These are vital, especially in the marketing industry.

The Best Practices for Network Marketing

Network marketing is a great business strategy, and it also needs tips for good practice, just as with every other strategy. The first thing to know is that business is first about people and secondly about money.

These two should never interchange positions; otherwise, you are going to fall big time. Therefore, you cannot recruit people into your network with the mentality that they have now come to make money for you. First, try to see them as people before seeing them as money-making machines.

One favorite quote by Michael Dlouhy is that in network marketing, “people do not join a company; they join other people.” If every person in network marketing has this as their principle, then brilliant success is assured.

Also, most people in network marketing get it wrong when they are mean with information for fear that the person will not join the network or go to a higher rank in the network than them.

This is pure nonsense because you benefit from any person in your network rising even above you. People from outside should not join the network because you told them; they should join it because you are a living example to them. Their admiration of you reasons enough for them to join your network.

Excellence is the key principle in network marketing. If you want to get more from network marketing, then be prepared to give more, and you will get it back in even multiplied and greater portions than when you were giving it.

Raise your standards by paying for training and purchasing materials that will better your knowledge. Buy books, listen to CDs and tapes, and watch videos.

Interact with other people in your field of network marketing, and learn from them as you share your experiences. Purchase not only materials for network marketing; buy motivational materials, ones about leadership, business, et cetera. Please do not sit on your potential while it can help another person; mentor someone.

All that matters in network marketing is the attitude one has and the mentality one has. Remember, what you do, your down lines will do more.

Therefore, any negative step you take will be taken by each of your down lines, making your network recede. Let the battle be first won in your mind, and it will be won indeed.

Learn and Make Money in Network Marketing Today

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Learn and Make Money in Network Marketing Today

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