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While there is no such thing, legitimately at least, as AdWords for free, there are many places online that will provide you with many free tips and tricks to get the most out of your Adwords accounts.

But before you head off to Google to search, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • 1. Adwords is a fairly complicated method for generating traffic. If you follow advice from someone who isn’t qualified, it can cost you more than money. If you disobey the terms of service Google has established, you might well get banned, and that would be very, terrible for business.

  • 2. To master Adwords, you will need to find not only the training, but you will need to be able to spend money while you are testing your ads. The truth is that no matter how good the training you get is, it will still take time for you to tweak and perfect your ads. During this time, you will almost be guaranteed to spend way more money than you make.

  • 3. Google is always changing its Adwords platform. To get the most out of any tips or tactics you may find online, and it’s important that you make sure that whoever is providing the tips has the most up-to-date information. You will screw yourself if you follow outdated information.

Now, for managing your own Adwords accounts, you need to keep some things in mind too. You will need to track your results. Many people seem to think that this step is a hassle, and they ignore it, but you have to know where your clicks are coming from and how much they cost you. If you try to guess, you will waste a ton of money.

It’s important to test all your ads to determine which combination of headlines and bodywork is the best. To do that, change the ad until you can pinpoint the exact right combination. Make sure that during the testing stage, you only make one change at a time. If you change over one element during your test, you won’t have any way of knowing which change worked.

Don’t go into your Adwords account as if you were in Vegas. What I mean by that is don’t place all your eggs in one basket, don’t blow all your money on one campaign. That never really works.

Since you will need to test ads, and you probably will make very little money during the test, it’s imperative that you set a realistic ad budget and don’t go over that budget. That way, you’ll have enough money to follow through and find the ads that work.

If you want to do an Adwords campaign the right way, you’ll probably be better off skipping the AdWords for free hype and find a legitimate course that can explain the complexities of pay per click to you.

Adwords Keyword Research Get It Right Or Go Broke

Adwords is the Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising option from Google. All the major search engines have their version of PPC advertising. The basic concept is that you place an ad that targets a specific keyword related to the product, service, or website to which you are trying to get traffic. When someone types that keyword into the search engine, they will see ads at the top, bottom, and sides of the results page (if you’ve done it properly, one of those ads will be yours).

They will click on an ad and be taken to the website of whoever placed that ad. The advertiser will then be charged, hence the term pay per click. To make this work, you need to choose the keywords you’re going to use carefully, and that’s where the AdWords keyword research tool can come in handy.

Even if you’re not running a PPC campaign, you’ll still need a list of good keywords to use in all of your online marketing. Keywords are used in virtually every form of online advertising there is. They are needed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), article marketing, and PPC. So having access to cutting-edge keyword research is vital.

And who better to trust your searches to than the online giant Google? The keyword tool is free to use. It’s also easy to use. Just type in the base keyword you want more information on.

For example, let’s say you are promoting dog grooming equipment. You would go to the keyword tool, type in ‘dog grooming equipment, and let the results load. There are several fields you can either enable or disable. You can get information on the number of monthly searches, the estimated cost per click (CPC), the amount of competition, to name just a few.

You will also see hundreds of other keyword combinations derived from your base keyword search. I find that one of the biggest benefits of this tool. Sometimes, I can’t think of all the word combinations that people might be searching for, so having this tool show me other possible keywords is extremely helpful.

Another neat thing you can do is type in the URL of a website that sells the same types of products you do. You will see the results, and you can get ideas of what keywords they are using; this is helpful if a certain website is ranking well. It can give you a glimpse into what they’re doing with their SEO.

Since they will get less competition, make sure to focus more on 3, 4, and 5 words keyword phrases (long-tail keywords). I know many people like to target the and two-word keywords that get hundreds of thousands of monthly searches, but that is a waste of time. Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you won’t be able to compete or get ranked for those keywords. You’re better off finding slightly less searched for terms that you may be able to get a ranking for.

Hey, take advantage of all the internet offers, including the many free tools that you can use to grow your business, such as the Google Adwords keyword research tool.

Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool

The AdWords keyword suggestion tool is used by most internet marketers, even if they aren’t running a pay-per-click campaign. This tool is recognized as one of the premier keyword tools around. I mean, after all, Google is pretty much top dog when it comes to search engines, so who wouldn’t want to get keyword information directly from them?

Picking the right keywords to target for your pay-per-click campaign is one of the most important elements you will have to consider. There is a fine line when it comes to choosing which keywords to use. If you use a one or two-word keyword, you will likely see that they get a ton of monthly searches, but they will also be very, very difficult to be competitive with. For most smaller online marketers, the bid prices for those keywords will be too high to be profitable.

For most of us, the ‘long tailed’ keywords will work much better. These are keyword phrases that have three or more words in them. They can still get a great number of monthly searches (though not as high as the one or two-word keywords), but they will usually have much less competition.

By using the keyword tool, you will have access to a lot of helpful information. You will not only get a list of the top keyword phrases and the average number of monthly searches they get, but you will also be able to find out what the average cost per click (average CPC) price will be for those keywords.

The cost per click will be an estimate since the popularity of the keyword is only one of the elements that determine how much you will pay for each click, but it’s a place to start. You’ll know right away that if you have a daily budget of $50 that a keyword with an average CPC of $10 will probably be out of your budget; even though it might not cost quite that much, it’s more than likely still going to be too expensive for you.

The keyword tool will also give you an idea (it’s just a rough estimate, don’t expect it to be exact) of the amount of competition a given keyword has. That can come in very handy when you’re planning your campaigns.

Another cool thing about this keyword tool is that you can type in your base keyword and be provided with other keywords phrases that are relevant that you may not have even thought of. We cannot think of all keywords associated with our niche market, so it’s nice to have a keyword tool that makes suggestions to give us more ideas.

Besides the sheer volume of potential customers online, the neat thing about the internet is the vast array of free tools you can use for your business. When it comes to finding good keywords, the AdWords keyword suggestion tool will work very well.. and it won’t cost you a dime. Use these tips to get the most out of it for you.

4 Tips On Being Effective Affiliate Article Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start an online business. It’s free to get started, and if you take the time to learn a few simple skills, you can make a lot of money pretty quickly and easily. Your main job as an affiliate marketer is to drive as many targeted (people who want to buy what you are selling) visitors to your site. One of the very best ways to do that is to use affiliate article marketing.

The basic idea of article marketing is to find a list of 5 to 10 good keywords for your niche. A ‘good’ keyword is a keyword phrase that has at least 1,500 searches a month but less than 20,000 competition. Once you have your keywords, you can write several articles per keyword phrase. Make sure your article provides some beneficial information for your reader.

When you submit it to the article directories, you can provide a resource box. This is where you can promote your website. You can provide a direct link here so that when people read your article, they can click on the link in the resource box and be taken to your website.

While you can’t do any blatant selling in your main article, you can use the resource box to do your selling for yourself. Each article directory has its own rules, follow those rules, and you’ll get published.

This method is so effective for several reasons:

  • 1. It’s free. You can write an article and submit it for free. It won’t cost you a cent. You can even use a free keyword tool online. You can submit as many articles as you want.
  • 2.You will establish yourself as an expert in your field. Don’t let this freak you out. Some people, especially those who are just starting, can get intimidated by this. But remember, you don’t have to know everything to be an expert; you just have to know more than most of your readers.
  • 3.If you write a good article and target the right keywords, you can have your article show up online for months or even years. So, it will take over one article, but you can write a few articles and have them stay online and drive traffic for a long time.

  • 4. Submit multiple articles to several article directories. Don’t submit all the same versions. Instead, submit several versions of each article as long as they are mostly different ( I understand that if you are using the same keyword, there will be many similarities).

There are a lot of great resources available online that can help you build your business. Many of them are free, and most of them are easy to use. Affiliate article marketing is one of the best methods of driving traffic to your website. It’s perfect for anyone who is getting started online and doesn’t have any money.

Google Adwords Professional Getting Certified For Success

No matter what type of online business you are building, the one thing you will need is a steady stream of qualified visitors to your website. There are many ways online that you can find traffic. They usually fall into two categories: slow, cheap, and easy, or fast and complicated. Google Adwords tends to fall into the latter category, which is why many people would like to hire a Google Adwords professional to help them set up and run their PPC campaigns. 

Of course, there is another option: you could undergo the certification process yourself and then not only learn to run your own effective Google Adwords campaign, but you could also charge other people to run their campaigns for them.  

Getting the certification yourself will not only help you hone your PPC skills but will give you another income stream for your online business. It’s the best of both worlds. This is a good option for anyone who has the time but doesn’t have the money to hire someone to run their campaigns for them. 

If you want to go this route, all you need to do is sign up for free. You will find all the training you need, from the most basic up to advanced techniques. And the coolest part? It’s all free. 

You will have access to all the tutorials that come in both video and text format, and you can go through the information at your own pace. Once you’ve mastered the beginning skills, you can take your ‘education’ to the top and become a certified Google professional. Once you reach that state, people will pay you to help them with their PPC campaigns. How cool is that?

Once you are ready, you will have to pay a fee to take the test. The last time I checked, it was only $50 (though that might change, so check first). But even so, a $50 investment in your business is peanuts. And if you consider that you can charge people to help them with their campaigns, it just becomes a very smart business investment. 

As I said, other than the cost of the test, the tutorials are free. Just be careful of any program that charges you a fee to teach you how to be better with Adwords. Don’t get me wrong, some excellent programs can teach you how to run your own Adwords campaigns successfully, but some don’t even come close to delivering what they promise. 

Before you buy, make sure you do your due diligence and thoroughly check them out. Find testimonials, go to forums and ask around about certain programs (be careful, you know that most people like to complain, so carefully evaluate the claims both pros and cons. Make sure you don’t listen to someone who has an ax to grind).

Whether you want to hire a Google Adwords professional to help you with your PPC campaign or you want to become a professional yourself, be willing to commit to it fully, and you’ll be very happy with the results you get.

Search Google Keyword Reference Free Tips

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Search Google Keyword Reference Free Tips

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